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Car price are very high
In Myanmar, the car price are very expensive. Untile 2010, more than 10 years old TOYOTA Land Cruiser was sold in 300,000 USD, more than 10 years old Mark Ⅱ was sold in 100,000 USD due to the high tariffs, exclusive of car import business, and the high registration fee.

After the civilian goverment took office, car price have come down due to the legal system revison and the open door policy. However, the current price in 2013 for 10-year old used car is the same level as the new car price in western countries.

Road and signal underdeveloped, there is no insurance
Myanmar road conditions are very bad. In Yangon, there is a lot of road bumps. In suburbs, the road has not been paved almost. Development of traffic signal is not well-equipped, even at the intersection of the city center, the traffic signal can not be used due to the black out. More scaled thing is the red signal and the green signal lit on at the same time because of the machanical problems.

Because of the long year isolation from the international community, financial and insurance system in Myanmar delayed significantly. There was no car insurance system so far, In the case of car accident, it usually be solved in the discussion of the parties.

The traffic manner is not good
The traffic manner in Myanmar is not good. Usually, car precedence over pedestrains. It looks like there is no much spirit of mutual concession between cars. For example, when you turn left across the oncoming lane, even if the opposite lane does not proceed to congestion, it does not seem to open the space for left-turning vehicle. In addition, most vehicles are lighting on high beam at night, it is very dazzling.

Using car rental is convenient
Due to the above car circumstances in Myanmar, foreign companies, expatriates, even Myanmar business person are using car rental typically. In Myanmar, the most convenient way of using car rental is the [Car + Driver + Fuel] all in one service rather than "rent only a car".

You can use car rental by hour, day, month and year. Using the car rental in Myanmar, you can achieve cost saving, the efficiency of works.

[Car + Driver + Fuel] is the best
Some people might think about rent only a car and drive by him/herself, however, we do not recommand foreigners to do this way because of the road/signal circumstances, bad traffic manners and the lack of insurance syste.

You can use [Car + Driver] service, bear the fuel charge by yourself. However, there is a risk that the driver may steal gasoline and sell it for cash. In Yangon area, there are a lot of "gasoline purchase shop" equipped with hose and plastic tanks, they suck up gasoline from the car fuel tank buy the fuel from car drivers.